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Tiara Sutari AR, Mukhlis Yunus, T. Meldi Kusuma
Judul Artikel
Analysis of the Work-Family Conflict Influence on Female State Civil Apparatus on Job Satisfaction and Employee Performance with Organizational Commitment as an Intervening Variable (Study at the Aceh Women Empowerment Service and Child Protection Office)
Tahun publikasi 2023
Nama Jurnal International Journal of Business Management and Economic Review, Volume 06, Halaman 89-100
ISSN 25814664
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Keterangan Tambahan: This study aims to examine the Work-Family Conflict (WFC) influence in female state civil apparatus on Job satisfaction and employee performance with organizational commitment as intervening. This study focuses on the female state civil apparatus that serve in the office of Women Empowerment and Child Protection of Aceh Province (BP3A Aceh). The population was 70 people, and the sample taken was as much as the population. Data were tested using the Partial Least Square (PLS) method. The results prove that in the BP3A Aceh office, WFC affects commitment, WFC affects satisfaction, WFC affects employee performance, commitment affects satisfaction, commitment affects employee performance, commitment mediates the WFC effect on satisfaction, commitment mediates the WFC effect on employee performance. These findings also explain that in the model tested, commitment is proven to function as a partial mediator for the WFC model affecting satisfaction and WFC affecting employee performance. So, overall the findings illustrate that the model of increasing job satisfaction and employee performance in the BP3A Aceh is a function of improving WFC and increasing organizational commitment.

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