Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2023Penulis Dedi Fazriansyah Putra, A A Muhammadar, M Nasir and I Zulfahmi
Judul publikasi Freshwater Shrimp Diversity in Pidie Region, Aceh, Indonesia
2. 2022Penulis Ismarica Ismarica, Dedi Fazriansyah Putra, Ulfa Khairina
Judul publikasi Ontogeny and morphological development of Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) larvae in Aceh Province, Indonesia
3. 2022Penulis Dedi Fazriansyah Putra, Akmal Rizqullah, Adli Waliul Perdana
Judul publikasi Growth of green mussel (Perna viridis L.) culture at two different depths in estuary waters of Alue Naga Village, Banda Aceh
4. 2022Penulis Ichsan Rusydi, Nadiatul Salsabila, Cut Nanda Defira, Sayyid Afdhal ElRahimi, Kavinta Melanie, Dedi Fazriansyah Putra, Afriliana Afriliana, Fahmi Fahmi
Judul publikasi Study of prevalence and intensity of ectoparasites in cultivated green mussel (Perna viridis L.) in Alue Naga Waters, Banda Aceh
5. 2021Penulis D F Putra, M Muhsinah, I I Arisa
Judul publikasi The Substitution of soybean meal by fermented tofu dregs in the milkfish (Chanos chanos) diet
6. 2021Penulis A Salsabilla, DF Putra, C Octavina, R Maulana
Judul publikasi Prevalence and Intensity of Ectoparasites on Cultivated Catfish (Clarias sp.) in Aquaculture Ponds and Bioflocs System in Aceh Besar, Indonesia.
7. 2021Penulis AA Muhammadar, DF Putra, W Widari
Judul publikasi Diversity and Ecological Index of Penaeid Shrimp Collected from Mangrove Area of Kuala Langsa, Aceh, Indonesia
8. 2021Penulis I Rusydi, D Savira, DF Putra, I Dewiyanti, CN Defira
Judul publikasi Analysis of Pb and Cd Heavy Metal Contents in Green Mussel (Pernaviridis L.) in Alue Naga Waters, Banda Aceh
9. 2021Penulis AA Muhammadar, Z Nur, AW Perdana, M Nasir, DF Putra, S Karina, A Junaidi
Judul publikasi The Profile of Amino Acids in Sea Horse (Hippocampus sp)
10. 2021Penulis R Thaib, I Ilda, A Rahmah, M A Chaliluddin, R M Aprilla, D F Putra and A Fuadi
Judul publikasi Socio-economic studies of coastal communities at the Fishing Port of Kutaraja, Banda Aceh, Indonesia
11. 2021Penulis I Rusydi,I Dewiyanti, M Maisuri, D F Putra, C Octavina, N Nurfadillah and W Wulandari
Judul publikasi Growth of oyster (Crassostrea sp.) with different stocking density in Alue Naga waters, Banda Aceh Indonesia
12. 2021Penulis A A Muhammadar, M Nasir, J Affan, S B Agung and D F Putra
Judul publikasi Observation of male and female seahorse food types in the waters of Weh Island Indonesia
13. 2021Penulis D F Putra, R Ashari, N Nurfadillah, N Othman
Judul publikasi Ectoparasite infections on Mangrove Crabs (Scylla sp.) in soft shell crab aquaculture in Banda Aceh city, Indonesia
14. 2021Penulis I I Arisa, I Elmuhtaj, D F Putra, I Dewiyanti and N Nurfadillah
Judul publikasi Study of the spread of white feces disease (WFD) on Litopenaeus vannamei in semi-intensive ponds in Aceh Besar District Aceh Province, Indonesia
15. 2020Penulis Dedi F. Putra, Ahmad Qadri, Sayyid A. El-Rahimi, and Norhayati Othman
Judul publikasi Effects of Astaxanthin on The Skin Color of Green Swordtail, Xyphophorus heller
16. 2020Penulis Abdullah A. Muhammadar, Dedi F. Putra, Maria Ulfa, Zulfahmi Zulfahmi, and Muhammad A. Sarong
Judul publikasi The Length-Weight Relationship of Metapenaeopsis mogiensis in North Aceh Waters, Indonesia
17. 2019Penulis I Safriani, Dedi Fazriansyah Putra, S A E Rahimi, N Othman
Judul publikasi Black tiger shrimp larvae (Penaeus monodon) that received eggshell powder in diet exhibit decreasing of growth and survival rate
18. 2019Penulis Dedi Fazriansyah Putra, M Rahmawati, M Z Abidin, and R Ramlan
Judul publikasi Dietary administration of sea grape powder (Caulerpa lentillifera) effects on growth and survival rate of black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon)
19. 2019Penulis R Thaib, R Z Lubis ,I Rusydi, C Chaliluddin, J M Affan, Dedi Fazriansyah Putra, Y Yusrizal
Judul publikasi The assessment of wood utilization rate at UD. Karya Lomba Shipyard, Aceh Besar, Indonesia
20. 2019Penulis S A E Rahimi, A Nawan, I Hasri, Dedi Fazriansyah Putra, R Ichsan
Judul publikasi Effect of PMSG+AD hormone variation on the gonadal maturation of Pedih fish (Tor douronensis)
21. 2019Penulis Dedi Fazriansyah Putra, F Nur , S A E Rahimi , N Othman
Judul publikasi Effects of different live feed on growth and survival rate of clown loach, Cromobotia macracantus
22. 2019Penulis F H Herry, A A Muhammadar, Dedi Fazriansyah Putra and Z A Irwan
Judul publikasi Feasibility study of grouper (Epinephelus sp) culture in Manyak Payed, Aceh Tamiang region, Indonesia
23. 2018Penulis Dedi Fazriansyah Putra, T N Trisyahdar, I Dewiyanti and A A Muhammadar
Judul publikasi Effect of enhanced Artemia with gamat emulsion on growth performance and survival rate of white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei larvae
24. 2018Penulis AA Muhammadar, MA Chaliluddin, DF Putra, MS Asmawati.
Judul publikasi Study of probiotics of yeast and lactic acid bacteria in feeding on culture of larvae shrimp (Penaeus monodon)
25. 2018Penulis Dedi Fazriansyah Putra, A A Muhammadar, N Muhammad, A Damora, A Waliul, M Z Abidin and N Othman
Judul publikasi Length-weight relationship and condition factor of white shrimp, Penaeus merguiensis in West Aceh waters, Indonesia