Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2022Penulis Heru Fahlevi, Teuku Rizky Saevic, Jalaluddin Jalaluddin and Muslim A Djalil
Judul publikasi Do social restriction policies responding to COVID-19 pandemic associated with economic growth?
2. 2022Penulis Ratna Mulyany, Zata Hulwani Zuhri, and Heru Fahlevi
Judul publikasi Research in disaster and social capital: Mapping out the themes and findings
3. 2021Penulis H Fahlevi, S Chan, P Hasibuan, N Fadli, S Edhy Sofyan, Rianjuand, M Syukri, T Saidi, and R Dawood
Judul publikasi The feasibility of a cold storage facility for fish in Aceh during the COVID-19 pandemic
4. 2021Penulis Heru Fahlevi, Ratna Mulyany, Muhammad Yasir, Venna Maulida Mustika, Maghfirah Rahayu, Rahmad Dawood
Judul publikasi Predicting Cost Recovery Rate of Inpatient Cases: the Application of Machine Learning Approaches
5. 2020Penulis Heru Fahlevi, Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah Putra and Rina Suryani Oktari
Judul publikasi Predicting Cost Recovery Rate of Ischemic Stroke Patients: A Potential Application of Big Data Analysis in Hospital
6. 2019Penulis H Fahlevi, M F Nur, M Arifin and A Azri
Judul publikasi Do villages allocate sufficient fund for disaster risk reduction? A survey of 10 villages in Banda Aceh
7. 2019Penulis H Fahlevi, M Indriani, R Mulyany and Nadirsyah
Judul publikasi What is the role of accounting in disaster recovery and relief? A literature review
8. 2019Penulis Syafruddin, Heru Fahlevi, Jalaluddin
Judul publikasi What are determining factors of tourist loyalty to tsunami affected tourism destination?
9. 2017Penulis Rina Suryani Oktari, Heru Fahlevi and Wilda Irawati
Judul publikasi Disaster budgeting of Banda Aceh’s local government: Trends and analysis of post-tsunami Aceh 2004
10. 2016Penulis Heru Fahlevi, Islahuddin and Didi Wahyudi
Judul publikasi Determinants of Budgeting Consistency in Local Goverment– A Case of Sabang Local Goverment Indonesia
11. 2016Penulis Heru Fahlevi, Arfan Muhammad, Hafidah Hafidah
Judul publikasi The Influence of Dividend Payments, Profitability, Liquidity, and firm Size for Cash Holdings – Case of Indonesian Manufacturing Companies
12. 2015Penulis Heru Fahlevi dan Geubrina Ria Andarint
Judul publikasi The Relation of Profitability and Solvability to Price Earnings Ratio and Price to Book Ratio (An Empirical Study on Manufacturing Companies Listed on The Indonesia Stock Exchange)
13. 2015Penulis Heru Fahlevi and Putra Randa
Judul publikasi A Comparative Analysis of Financial Performance and Sharia Conformity of Indonesian and Malaysian Islamic Banks
14. 2014Penulis Heru Fahlevi
Judul publikasi Accounting Innovations After the Adoption of Diagnostic Related Groups (DRGs) Provider Payment System