Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2021Penulis R Andini, M I Sulaiman, Martunis, A H Umam, M Olivia and H J Endres
Judul publikasi Biopolymer nanocomposites: their mechanical, thermal, and gas barrier properties for food packaging
2. 2021Penulis Ichsan CN, Darusman, Sulaiman MI, Andini R
Judul publikasi Role of plant genetic resources in encountering climate change challenge
3. 2021Penulis M Muzaifa, R Andini, M I Sulaiman, Y Abubakar, F Rahmi and Nurzainura
Judul publikasi Novel utilization of coffee processing by-products: kombucha cascara originated from ‘Gayo-Arabica’
4. 2021Penulis Prono-Widayat H, Arpi N, Andini R, Muzaifa M, Gunawan F
Judul publikasi Chemical analysis of cascara tea from wine coffee processing with a different fermentation times
5. 2020Penulis Rita Andini, Muhammad Ikhsan Sulaiman, Khaing Pann Witt Hmon, Ryo Ohsawa
Judul publikasi Application of Principle Component Analysis in Differentiating the Three Types of Amaranthus Based on Their Photoperiodic Flowering Response
6. 2020Penulis R Andini, M Rahmawati, N Luthfia, S Bakri, J Akhir, MI Sulaiman
Judul publikasi In-vitro Propagation: Application of Gibberellic Acid (GA3) in Enhancing Germination in \'Dragon Blood\' (Daemonorops sp.)
7. 2020Penulis MI Sulaiman, N Nasrianti, R Andini, Darmadi, C Erika
Judul publikasi Effect of Fruit Size, Solvent and Extraction Methods on Resin Extractability of Daemonorops sp. (Jernang)
8. 2020Penulis R Andini, F Ismullah, S Bakri, MI Sulaiman, A Anhar
Judul publikasi Current status of Aceh jernang (Daemonorops sp.) and its traditional conservation efforts
9. 2019Penulis N Arpi, M Muzaifa, M I Sulaiman, R Andini and S I Kesuma
Judul publikasi Chemical Characteristics of Cascara, Coffee Cherry Tea, Made of Various Coffee Pulp Treatments
10. 2017Penulis Rita Andini, Muhammad Ikhsan Sulaiman, Ryo Ohsawa
Judul publikasi Natural polyploidy in Amaranths (Amaranthus sp.)
11. 2013Penulis Rita Andini, Muhammad Ikhsan Sulaiman
Judul publikasi Biogas Models Applied in Germany and in Aceh
12. 2011Penulis Rita Andini, Ryo Ohsawa
Judul publikasi Assessment of morphological variation and protein content in Indonesian leafy amaranths; in comparison with worldwide Amaranthus sp. Collection
13. 2 MaPenulis Rita Andini, Vera Melinda, Erika Pardede, Lola Adres Yanti, Khaing Pan Witt Hmon, Ryan Moulana, Sapto Indrioko
Judul publikasi Morphological Variation of Aceh Pinus (Pinus merkusii)