Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2023Penulis PR Saida, Y Darma, L Lulusi, F Apriandy
Judul publikasi Mode choice model of motorcycle and trans Koetaradja electric feeder bus
2. 2023Penulis H Helmiadi, M Isya, Y Darma
Judul publikasi Determination of priority scale for Aceh province road handling using the multi-criteria analysis (MCA) method
3. 2023Penulis R Anggraini, Y Darma, M Isya, SA Azan, A Rahmad
Judul publikasi Identification of black spot locations concerning the equivalent accident number and upper control limit methods: A case study of national highways in Banda Aceh, Indonesia
4. 2023Penulis Hayatul Wardani, Ashfa Achmad, Yusria Darma
Judul publikasi Environment carrying capacity assessment for sustainable settlement planning in Banda Aceh city, Indonesia
5. 2023Penulis Murtadha, Yusria Darma, Sugiarto Sugiarto
Judul publikasi A study on the infrastructure of special motorcycle lanes on Jl. T. Nyak arief by using the principle component analysis method
6. 2023Penulis Hendra Fusian, Yusria Darma, M. Isya
Judul publikasi Road safety analysis of black spot area: A case study of Banda Aceh - Medan road section in Caleue Indrajaya subdistrict of Pidie Regency
7. 2023Penulis Khalisha Zahra, Yusria Darma, Alfi Salmannur, Sugiarto Sugiarto
Judul publikasi Analysis of service quality of trans Koetaradja electric feeder bus using importance performance analysis
8. 2021Penulis Z Tahrizi, S Sugiarto and Y Darma
Judul publikasi The Performance Evaluation of Passenger Terminal: A Case Study of Type B Terminal in Sigli, Aceh Province
9. 2021Penulis Y Darma, M R Karim and S Abdullah
Judul publikasi Effect of enforcement operations during festive seasons called Ops Sikap on road traffic accidents of Malaysia
10. 2020Penulis A Siswadi, S M Saleh and Y Darma
Judul publikasi The use of Sabang mountain rocks and substitution of LDPE in the AC-WC mixture with dry method
11. 2020Penulis R Taufiqy, M Isya, Y Darma and Thamalkhani
Judul publikasi Analysis of unsignalized intersection upgrading at constrained area in the city of Banda Aceh
12. 2020Penulis F Fachrurrozy, E Wulandari and Y Darma
Judul publikasi The Study of the Operation of Trans Koetaradja Public bus Transportation of the Corridor II A and II B in Banda Aceh city
13. 2020Penulis H Haryadi, Y Darma and M Isya
Judul publikasi Public Perception of the Transit Bus Plan in the City of Lhokseumawe
14. 2020Penulis Y Darma, M R Karim and S Abdullah
Judul publikasi Oversights in road planning leading to unsafe road features: a safety auditor’s perspective
15. 2013Penulis Yusria Darma, Mohamed Rehan Karim
Judul publikasi A Prediction on the Impact of Comprehensive Safety Audit Implementation on Indonesia Road Traffic Fatalities
16. 2009Penulis Yusria Darma, Mohamed Rehan Karim
Judul publikasi Reconstruction of Road Infrastructures after Tsunami Disaster - Getting Safer Roads? A Case Study in Aceh Province, Indonesia
17. 2005Penulis Y Darma, MR Karim, J Mohamad, S Abdullah
Judul publikasi Control Delay Variability At Signalized Intersection Based on HCM Method
18. 2003Penulis Y Darma, MR Karim, S Abdullah, H Katman
Judul publikasi Headway and Speed Characteristics on Urban Arterials