Repositori Publikasi Penelitian Universitas Syiah Kuala

Daftar Publikasi

1. 2021Penulis Rini Safitri, Layna Miska, Elin Yusibani
Judul publikasi Simulation on the Emergence of Metastases in Breast Cancer Radiotherapy patients Using Monte Carlo N-Particle (MCNP)
2. 2020Penulis Mizayanti, A Halim, Rini Safitri, E Nurfadilla
Judul publikasi The Development of Multi Representation Practicum Modules With PhET In Hooke\'s Law Concept
3. 2020Penulis D D Phonna, Rini Safitri, M Syukri
Judul publikasi Guided Inquiry-Based on Practicum to Improve Critical Thinking Skills on the Subject of Newton\'s Law
4. 2020Penulis M Syukri, A M Tiaib, Z Fadhli, Rini Safitri
Judul publikasi Geophysical Investigation of Road Failure the Case of the Main Street of Alue Naga, Banda Aceh, Indonesia
5. 2019Penulis Muhammad Syukri, Rosli, Saad, Marwan, Sabrian Tri Anda, Rini Safitri
Judul publikasi Geohazard Identification Using 2-D Resistivity Imaging For Seulawah Agam Volcano, Indonesia
6. 2018Penulis R Safitri, L Miska and E Yusibani
Judul publikasi Simulation calculation of cosmic radiationdose at latitude 0o
7. 2018Penulis Muhammad Syukri, Rosli, Saad, Marwan, Tarmizi, Zul Fadhli, Rini Safitri
Judul publikasi Volcanic Hazard Implication Based on Magnetic Signatures Study of Seulawah Agam Geothermal System, Indonesia
8. 2016Penulis Abdul Gani, Rini Safitri, Habibati, Nurul Fajri Saminan
Judul publikasi The Study of High School Students\'s Scientific Attitudes on Learning Heat and Temperature with Cooperative Inquiry LABS Model